Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicle’s speed,current location and status anytime, anywhere.

Track on The Move

You can track from any location with your mobile phone. Even with a nokia 3310 Phone.t

No Hidden Charges

Our prices are affordable with no re-ocurring billings. Yes! No monthly fees, No annual Fees.

Live Map Tracking

See every details of your car’s location. See full street address on our live map

Fleet Monitoring

Our system grows with you. You can enjoy our fleet management packages if you have more cars

Reports On Demand

Communicate with your car on the go. Get instant report on your mobile phone

Car tracker kenya

Car tracking features:

  • Access to the full street address on our live map.
  • You can track it from any location on your mobile phone. It even works with a Nokia 3310 mobile device.
  • Provides an instant report on your mobile phone whenever you desire.
  • Track your vehicle’s speed, current location, and status anytime & anywhere.

Other services:

  • Speed limiting device.
  • Fleet management.
  • Anti-shatter window films.