Translation Services in Kenya

Kenya, a leading economy in East and Central Africa, attracts people from all walks of life. Some of the visitors including tourists, expatriates, and business people encounter challenges due to language barrier that affects formal and informal communication. The two official languages, according the country’s constitution, are English and Kiswahili. Therefore, non-English speakers require translation services to their respective languages. Translation services in Kenya are available for all languages. In retrospect, one can have a document translated from a foreign language such as German and French to English language thanks to the availability of translation services in Kenya. Translation services in Kenya are available from numerous agencies that also offer short language courses to interested individuals. Translation services in Kenya offered by leading agencies may include translation of official and non-official documents. There are variety of documents that one can translate in Kenya such academic certificates, immigration documents, police abstracts, NGO documents, medical records, medical reports, birth certificate, marriage certificate, press releases, books, articles, journals, newspapers, website content, company reports, and electronic manuals, among others.

In seeking translation services in Kenya, it is prudent for an individual to request the profile of an agency or individual. This is helpful to ascertain the qualifications of an agency in engaging in translation services. There is an online directory for the leading agencies offering translation services in Kenya that one can visit to get profile details, contacts, and location. All one needs is to check the agencies offering translation services on the website. A significant majority are found within the capital city, Nairobi, due to the high number of non-nationals and non-English speakers. Devoid of translation services in Kenya, one would have a difficult time trying to communicate with other individuals. One can also liaise with the embassies and consulates of their respective countries for guidance on professional translators in Kenya.