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English translation to French is common due to high number of speakers for the two languages. It is notable that about 29 countries in the world have French as the official language; with close to 400 million speakers currently. Therefore, looking at the figures makes sense to translate certain documents including websites to a language that is understandable to target audience. Different kinds of documents can be translated from English to French according to suitability of an individual. To translate English to French requires one to look out for translators who have a good grasp for the two languages. Translators within agencies normally charge a certain fee depending on workload as well as technicalities in a document. A range of documents can be translated from English to French such as court judgments, company financial reports, coursework, magazines, academic documents, website content, medical records, marriage certificate, press releases, newspapers, due diligence reports, M.O.U., and electronic manuals.

Again, there are numerous online platforms that have instant translation for free while others charge a small fee. However, it is necessary to take caution when seeking online services as some platforms are fake. This is important when handling sensitive documents such as certificates and travel documents. It is important to seek a translator who has undergone technical assessments for language proficiency in French and English. He or she should have the capacity to examine the trends while at the same time guaranteeing grammatical accuracy and intelligibility on the information provided. Non-nationals in a foreign country can seek the assistance of their embassies to translate documents from English to French. Also, look out for the basic symbols and signs that are used in either language to ensure successful translation without undermining the message and other technical contents. The final document translated from English to French should carry similar message and format as the original document to the satisfaction of a client.
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