Screen replacement

Keyboard replacement

Laptop chargers replacement

DVD Drives replacement

Speakers replacement

Battery replacement

Hard_Discs, RAMs upgrade and replacement

Motherboards replacement and repair

Casing replacement and polishing

Hinges replacement and modification

Charging system repair

Operating_System and softwares repair

Data Recovery

Servicing and Maintenance

Internal hard disks available

500gb @4000

750gb @ 4500

1tb @ 5500

320gb @2500

4gb ram at 2500

*We also buy dead /faulty laptops*


Upgrade your laptop to a higher capacity.

All HDD capacity available from 120 gb 160 gb 250 gb 320 gb 500 gb 1 Tb

Laptop charging port not plugging in, or moving in and out repair done.

Hp workstation Elitebook 8760w overheating and power switch not working. Repaired and serviced by brimmatech solutions

Hp Laptop Chargers
Lenovo Chargers
Asus chargers
Acer chargers
Toshiba chargers
Dell Chargers
Laptop motherboard repair. Not powering but when you connect charger the light comes on.
Hp 15 notebook Screen replacement done in less than 20 minutes. Another happy customer.
Laptop general cleaning to boost performance and reduce overheating