Does your laptop only run with the battery or does your DC Jack feel loose? DC Jacks on most laptops do not have enough reinforcement and will loosen under normal wear and tear. We repair DC Jacks to a higher standard than the original manufacturers.

Our hardware repairs include:

– Laptop is not turning on
– Laptop LCD screen is very dim / dark
– Display only visible on external monitor but not visible on laptop LCD screen
– Laptop LCD screen is not turning on
– Laptop LCD screen is cracked
– Laptop backlight problem / inverter problem
– Laptop GPU / Graphics card problem / Distorted display
– Laptop Motherboard malfunction / failure
– Laptop is over heating
– Laptop keyboard replacement / repair
– Laptop power supply repairs
– Loose / broken hinge replacement
– LED / CCFL bulb replacement
– Laptop optical drive upgrade and replacement (DVDRW – DVD Burners)
– AC / DC power jack repairs
– Memory upgrades
– Replacement of broken or cracked plastic parts ( LCD cover / base cover)
– Liquid spill repairs (cola , water, coffee, tea, wine)
– Internal dust and particles cleaning
– Component level motherboard repairs

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