Laptop Motherboard Replacement Nairobi

The motherboard is an integral part of computers and laptops and it is very complex. Our experienced specialists will carefully diagnose, take extreme caution and are very mindful of how important motherboard is when performing repairs for such.

Motherboard Repair / Graphic Chipset Reballing

The problem with the recent laptops is that graphic chipset gets too hot. This is caused by bad design of the laptop motherboard & graphics chip — mostly nVidia graphics.

The only solution is replacement of the BGA (Ball Grid Array) and resoldering graphic chipset to the motherboard. You can also replace whole motherboard which will cost you about ksh200 and more.

We can solve this problem without changing your motherboard or graphics card a lot cheaper.

What are the symptoms?

  • Laptop powering on but screen is black
  • Blue lights flashing — HP / Compaq laptops
  • Laptop powering on then immediately switching off
  • After powering laptop on white screen appears
  • Flickering, unstable or blocky display

PC Repair / Computer Repair Services

  • PC running slow.
  • Blue-Screen issue.
  • Computer freezes & fail to start.
  • HDD replacement & Data Recovery.
  • System booting & Windows fault.
  • Windows re-installation & Windows Upgrade.
  • Overheating and system thermal cleaning.
  • Router configuration.
  • Software problems.
  • RAM upgrade.
  • Power supply fault.
  • Graphics cards upgrade & troubleshooting.
  • Mainboard repair & replacement.
  • Microsoft Outlook set up & troubleshooting.
  • Build/rebuild any machine.