Motherboard Repair Nairobi

Motherboard Repair Nairobi
Motherboard Repair Nairobi
The motherboard is an integral part of computers and laptops and it is very complex. Our experienced specialists will carefully diagnose, take extreme caution and are very mindful of how important motherboard is when performing repairs for such.
Laptop Mainboard / Motherboard Repairs
… why replace the board if its fixable?

The Motherboard in both Desktop PC’s and Laptops is the most fundamental component to exist. It is the central nervous system of any computer and allows all your devices to communicate with each other. Faulty motherboards cause abnormal behaviour and system failures.

Brimmatech repairs offer low cost Motherboard Repair and Upgrade services to ensure your Desktop or Laptop is running as it should be.

We can assist in the following common areas:

  • Desktop or Laptop not booting up
  • No Display or Graphics issues
  • Beeping or Flashing LED’s when attempting to boot up
  • Booting up in a constant loop and not reaching the login screen
  • Overheating
  • Freezing or Crashing
  • Black, Blue or White Screens on the Display

Common Faults We Undertake & Estimated Prices: (All prices include VAT)

  • Operating System Restore / Reload with latest drivers setup: Ksh39.00 + vat (£46.80)
  • ADHOC Upgrades (ram, cpu, hdd, etc.): Ksh 24.95 + parts
  • Laptop mainboard faults: (approx) Ksh60.00 – £120.00 + vat (Ksh70.00 – £140.00)
  • Faulty Adapters Replaced – from Ksh10.00 + vat (Ksh12.00)
  • DC Jack Repairs (power connector damaged, not charging): from Ksh59.95 + vat (ksh70.00)
  • Hard Drive Failure + Reload Of Operating System : from £55.00 + vat (Ksh66.00) inc parts

We stock most parts and upgrade components making the repair or upgrade quicker

The Majority of laptop screen repair / replacement can be completed in as little as 45 mins if Booked in.

Our Services include:

– Laptop Repair / PC Repair / Computer Repair
– All Hardware & Software Fixes
– Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement
– PC running slow, Blue Screen & Startup Issues
– Laptop Power Jack Repair
– Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacement
– Windows re-installation XP/vista/7/8/10
– Wireless networking
– Spyware & Virus Removal
– Faulty RAM Replacement and Upgrade
– Faulty Hard Drive / SSD Replacement and Upgrade
– Data Recovery

We are available 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help resolve your Laptop / Computer problems as soon as we can.