Laptop screen replacement kenya

We can change the broken front glass or the screen your laptop. We can replace it in matter of hours. Parts are genuine, with the same functionality as original. There is many different screen models so we need to order replacement parts first.

Screen repair and replacement

Display screens are fragile and easily break if the laptop is dropped. Cracked screens cannot be repaired not all display issues would require screen replacement. If the problem is due to failure of the back light or the inverter that powers up the screen, it might be possible to repair them without having to replace the screen.

Apple MacBook Screen Repair kenya

Bits & PCs replace screens for all major brands of laptops. This includes Apple, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, HP/Compaq, Dell, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo and many more.

Professional Laptop Screen Repairs Nairobi

Get the Screen Replacement that is specific for your laptop model with rock solid services provided at your home or office.

  •  Acer Laptop Screen Repair
  •  Dell Screen Replacement
  •  Lenovo Laptop Display Repairs
  •  Alienware LCD Replacement
  •  Panasonic Screen Repair
  •  Patriot Screen Replacement
  •  Fujitsu Siemens Screen Repairs
  •  Packard Bell Screen Replacement
  •  Asus Laptop Screen Repairs
  •  Medion Laptop Screen Repairs
  •  Samsung LCD Screen Replacement
  •  Toshiba Screen Replacement
  •  Sony Vaio Screen Repairs
  •  Gateway Laptop Display Repair
  •  Compaq Presario LCD Display Repairs
  •  eMachines LED Screen Replacement
  •  HP Pavilion Laptop Screen Repairs
  •  NEC Laptop Screen Replacement
  •  Advent LCD Screen Repair
  •  Ei Systems Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement Services Nairobi

Sometimes, the same laptop or notebook models use different LCD or LED screens and our expertise can help you to locate the correct replacement screen for your device.

What causes a Laptop Screen to break or crack;

  1. Dropping the laptop on to hard surface, even if its in a protected bag or sleeve.
  2. Dropping a hard object onto the screen directly.
  3. Placing a heavy item such as a mug on top of your closed laptop.
  4. Having too many items in your laptop bag with the laptop leading to too much pressure on the screen.

What causes a laptop screen to malfunction

  1. Water or liquid spillage either on the laptop.
  2. Problem with the connector from the main motherboard to the screen, either its cut or damaged.
  3. Faulty motherboard.

Specialists in Laptop Screen Replacement in Nairobi

Bits & PCs aim to have your damaged, cracked or faulty laptop screen repaired or replaced with a brand new screen and returned to you within 24 hours.

This means you’re once again able to continue using your laptop as per usual rather than dwelling on finding an alternative to your laptop whilst its being fixed at the computer shop.