Laptop Screen Replacement in kenya

Laptop Screen Replacement in kenya We stock a wide range of laptop LCD screens in our Industrial area warehouse. We supply and fit the screens in our own London workshop. Our usual turnaround time of 3-5 working days and we cover the whole of the Nairobi kenya.

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times. However, on some occasions our turnaround times can be extended due to a high level of repairs or parts availability.

Laptop LCD Screen Repair & Replacement

Computer Service Nairobi is expert in providing repair and replacement for damaged Laptop LCD Screens.

If your laptop screen is:

We do offer a “Fast Track” service if you need your mobile repaired faster than the standard lead time. We have recently dedicated a team of engineers to service customers who require a Faster turnaround.

We can also repair laptop LCDs with no backlight or low backlight. We have inverters in stock and we also supply new bulbs if required. Our Laptop Lcd screen replacement is up to 60% cheaper than the original manufacturers and four times faster!

Laptop Screen Replacement

If your laptop screen has become faulty or has been broken, we can order a new screen, fit and test it and have you back to good as new. Call us today and quote the make and model of your laptop and we will give you a competitive no obligation quote.

We’re not slow. We’re not costly. We don’t hide extra costs in your final bill, or swamp you with small print. Instead, we offer a laptop screen replacement service where the pricing is transparent and the work is quick.

Laptop broken LCD screen replacement service in Nairobi.

Common laptop screen display problems you might come across include:

  • Flickering screen
  • Horizontal or vertical lines
  • Diagonal or jagged lines
  • Blank or black screen
  • Screen has black blotches
  • No image on the screen
  • Diagonal or jagged lines
  • Bright or dead pixels
  • Dots on the laptop screen
  • Dimmed Screen
  • Distorted Screen
  • Broken glass
  • Fuzzy, blurry or color problems
  • Broken or cracked laptop screen

We can replace laptop screens for most laptops usually within 1 day. We believe to be cheaper and more convenient than manufacturers when it comes to laptop screen repairs. We don’t delete your data and the screen repair can be arranged to be performed while you wait, if only we have the replacement part in stock. The repair comes with 6 months warranty. Expect perfect repair results.

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