Laptop Screen Repairs in Kenya

We can replace your laptop screen with a high quality replacement screen for as little as ksh 6000 including parts and labour.

Laptop Screen Repairs

Having problems with your laptops screen, we can repair the following problems:

  • Screen is cracked or shattered
  • Screen has horizontal or vertical lines running through it
  • Various pixels have stopped working or are creating a spotting effect of colour across the screen
  • Sections of the screen are darkening or dimming, often a corner slowly spreading to the center
  • The screen is dim or black
  • The screen is a bright white

Laptop Screen Repair KENYA

No one appreciates a broken laptop screen when it happens but yet it happens a cruel twist of fate.. Just a slip of the hand and its cracked, needing repair or were you one of these that carries their laptop around by the screen? Ouch Maybe you had a pen on your keyboard and closed it, I could go on.. but I won’t as your clearly on this website to deal with your cracked or broken laptop screen.

We are professional Laptop Screen Repair service provider offering Laptop Screen Repair and hinge replacement services to home and businesses users in Nairobil. So If your laptop screen is broken, cracked or damaged, We offer professional, cost-effective and prompt broken laptop screen repair and replacement services.

NO FIX NO FEE Computer Screen Repair service on all Laptop Screen Repairs!

Whether you are residential or a small business user, we can provide you with cost effective cracked computer screen repair service.

Our technicians will arrange an appointment at your home or place of work. Our main aim is to fix and repair your laptop within the hour.

Laptop Repair Specialists in Kenya


We understand our clients just want their laptop or computer to work. When you need cracked screen replacement