Laptop Screen Repairs in Nairobi

Laptop Screen Repairs in Nairobi

Have you cracked or broken your laptop screen? Don’t panic, this repair will cost a lot less than you think and we are only too happy to quote you the best price for your laptop screen repairs in Nairobi.

Our DELL laptop technicians can take care of whatever and are committed to give you 5-star customer support. Only hand your laptop to a specialist to do the repair work, see laptop repair.kenya

Most laptop screens can be fitted from anywhere between ksh 400 and ksh 12,000 and this cost will be dependant on the type of screen you have.

We understand that a laptop is an important device to stay in touch with family and friends, and also your work so we strive to get it back to you as soon as possible.

We also offer a 12 month warranty on all our fixes giving you customer satisfaction every time.

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