Laptop Screen Repair Nairobi

Screen Repair Nairobi

If you’ve dropped, smashed, cracked your laptop or netbook screen or it simply stopped working we can fix or replace it. We also repair backlight problems, inverters, lid switches, broken hinges etc.

We’re top choice laptop repair specialists in Nairobi — especially screen repairs!
We are offering very affordable screen repair and replacement services with fast turnarounds.

Common laptop LCD screen problems

  • Cracked Screen — caused by physical damage or improper handling
  • Dim Screen — caused by faulty backlight or inverter due an impact from being dropped
  • White Screen — caused by bad displays, or failed video graphic components
  • Flickering or dim / dark displays — caused by bad inverter or defective screen
  • Unstable display — often caused by bad video components

With over 30 years experience, our expert technicians can evaluate your Laptop, diagnose faults and repair them in most situations. All brands of Laptop are catered for: Acer, IBM, ASUS, HP, Sony and more.


  • Laptop Screen replacements and repair
  • DC Socket replacement and repair
  • Laptop Hinge replacement
  • Re-case entire Laptop
  • Laptop Motherboard repairs
  • Insurance quotes
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Windows Installation
  • Driver updates
  • Laptop Keyboard replacement
  • Laptop Memory upgrades

PC and laptop repair at brimmatech repairs is all about making sure that we keep our prices low but our standards high. In terms of the repair services of the screen sand LEDS, use of genuine parts has bene our mantra. We import all the genuine parts making sure that repair services sustain for a long time and you get the same quality with your new screen like you got from the original version. Our experts believe in efficacy both in terms of time and quality of services.

Experts at brimmatech repairs will give you a quote after examining the extent of damage done to your screen. A total replacement is the most recommended one in case if the screen is broken. In case if there are issues with the plugs, wiring or system, maintenance and repair would be done within the same day. The extent of damage to the screen determines the time required, price and services that your PC and Laptop will require.

What do we repair?

We at brimmatech repairs aim to provide the screen replacement and repair services for the following issues:

  • A completely blacked and broken laptop screen
  • Cracked or smashed screen due to fall or any object hitting
  • Malfunctioning screen with lines or discoloring
  • No display or blackened screen
  • Flickering screen with screen showing right display while blackening out again and again