✅✅✅Liquid damage both laptop & keyboard

✅Broken Laptop Hinges

✅Broken Laptop Casing

✅Broken Laptop Screens-normal & touch

✅Cooling System repairs-Fan replacement & Servicing

✅Missing Keys & non functioning Keyboard replacement

✅Speakers & Sound restoration

✅Motherboard Repairs & Replacement

✅Processor Replacement & Upgrades

✅Charging port, Switches & vga VGA cables replacement

✅Softwares installation & Activation- Windows, Office & All professional softwares

It doesn’t matter the model or how it’s broken. We can help by either repair or casing replacement. All models Hinges repair and replacement.

laptop repair in kenya

Most of the problems that occurs in your laptop are caused by lack of serving from a specialist. We recommend once a year and your computer will serve you many years to come.


NEWHp 840 g3/g4Hp 830 g6Hp 2000/1000/cq58Hp 450/440 g2Hp 450 g5 Hp 450 g6Hp 430/440 g6Hp DM4 i3HP 650/640 G4 i7HP 620LENOVO 330sLENOVO YOGA FLEX 2LENOVO T450s LENOVO T460LENOVO T470LENOVO T470S LENOVO X250/240 i7LENOVO X260Lenovo x270Lenovo x280Lenovo T480 LENOVO T480SLENOVO T460SLenovo ideapad y700-141sk

Broken Hinges and casing repair done in less than 2hours. Lapop now firm and ready for use.

Machines are meant to breakdown, no mater how careful you will be. That why we are here to offer the solution.

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