Laptop Repairs in Nairobi

Laptop Repairs in Nairobi We have engineers that handle any kind of Laptop problems both hardware repairs and software problems. Be sure inform the seller you get the contact

Laptop Repair Services

If your laptop is broken (hardware or software) or it’s not running efficiently, we can get you fixed at maximum speeds.

Don’t rush to buy a new computer without first checking if your current laptop can be repaired. It’s often significantly cheaper to repair a laptop than get a new one and it’s easier on the user to keep using the same machine.

Some of the laptop repair services we offer are:

DC Jack Repair: DC Jacks on the majority of will loosen with normal usage. We repair DC Jacks and you can trust the quality of the work will exceed the original manufacturer.Computer-Repair. Laptop Repair Services

Motherboard Repair: Motherboards are essential to your computer since they control Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Keyboard/Touchpad. If you are experiencing hardware issues, have your motherboard checked and we will determine if you need to replace it or if we can repair it.

LCD Replacement: Is your screen cracked? Does it fade to black? Are images flickering? We can handle all of these issues and more.

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement: Many people mistakenly think they need a new laptop if there are issues with their keyboard. Whether it’s a water spill or missing keys, we can help. Keyboard replacement is affordable and increases the lifespan of your laptop.

Touchpad Replacement: Are you having trouble controlling the cursor? Is it skipping around or responding slowing? We can help.

Virus, Spyware & Malware: We can help with the removal of viruses and malware and can also set you up to avoid threats in the future.

Overheating: Does your laptop get really hot? Has it progressed to the point where it overheats and shuts down? We can check out and repair your cooling system. This is crucial to avoid motherboard damage, so make sure you get help at the first signs of trouble.

Data Recovery: We offer data back-up and data recovery services.

We can typically handle any laptop repair you need, even if you don’t see it listed above. Please contact us for all your laptop repair needs. Don’t forget that we also offer preventative maintenance, which is so much better than dealing with repairs.