Get original Hp 840(backlit) keyboards from us at a competitive price

if you need to buy a laptop , repair done to your laptop and even laptop accessories like mouse,keyboard,batteries still available.

Do you want to start your own electronics repair service centre?

*We service and repair all major PC desktop and laptop brands including DELL, MAC-BOOK, HP, Compaq, TOSHIBA, SONY, FUJITSU, ACER,GATEWAY, eMachines, LENOVO, and ASUS.
*Repair or replace a broken laptop screens
*Repair or replace broken laptop keys
*Diagnose and when necessary replace a *laptop battery and/or power supply
*Replace broken laptop parts including: USB *ports, headphone jacks and power buttons
*Configure WiFi or Blue Tooth connection settings
*Modify your laptop’s settings to improve battery life
*Installation of remote wipe and anti-theft security software
Did you know that we offer free estimates? We believe in telling you how much the repair service will cost up front. Feel free to call us anytime for all of your Laptop Repair

Laptop and Smartphone repair Kenya. We would like wish our esteemed customers a happy and joyous festive season. Though times are challenging and our lives have been turned inside out by this pandemic you guys have stood with us and enabled us to continue to earn a living. For that we will be forever grateful.😃

Laptop accessories & Repair Services

Chargers (Adaptors)
Brand New Batteries
Broken Screen Replacements
Damaged Keyboards replacement
Hinges Repair and modification
Motherboards Replacement
Broken Casing Repair& Replacement
HDD,Ssd & RAM upgrade
FAN Replacements & Service
Touchpad issue
Motherboard Repair & Replacement
Charging System
Display Related Issues
General Maintenance Services
Free Computer Diagnosis available
other Comuter parts are available

All Laptop Repair Services
Keyboard Replacements
Laptop HDD & SSD Upgrades
RAM Upgrades
Laptop cleaning and Diagnosis
Software installation
Antivirus installation
Screen and battery Replacement