Laptop motherboards Repair kenya

Is your laptop having an issues.Worry no more as we are here to sort you out.
From issues as simple as keyboard,screen and battery replacement,we also handle complex issues such as professional motherboard diagnosis,bios reprogramming and so much more.
Laptop Ram and hard disk upgrade
Laptop motherboards available
Laptop keyboard replacement
Laptop screen replacement
Laptop batteries available
Laptop chargers available
Laptop casings available
Laptop hinges repair
MacBook accessories available
‪Screen replacement from 5500‬
‪Keyboard replacement from 2500‬
‪Battery replacement from 2500‬
‪Charger replacement from 1500‬
‪Laptops servicing @1500‬
Computer Repair and Service
– Desktop and laptop Repair
– Laptop And Desktop Format
– Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal​
– Format and install Windows
– MacOS install to Desktop PC
– hardware Upgrade
– Internet Problems -E-mail Configuration
– Windows Troubelshooting
– Software & Driver installation
– File sharing and Printer sharing
– MacOS Software installation
– MacOS Factory Reset Service