Computer Repair Nairobi

Computer Repair Nairobi

We perform all of our computer repair work onsite

Our Experts have over 30 years of experience, so whether you have Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba or Mac or any other brand your trust is well placed with Code Blue Computing.  Some of the issues that we can help with are:


Are you stuck with a broken computer, panicking and Googling ‘computer repair near me?’


We are the Nairobi experts in regards to laptop computer repair. Customers are able to get more and more life out of their laptops all the time through proper maintenance.  The issues that clients call us about that we help them resolve every day range from:

  • Slow Running Computer
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Computer Freezing Up or Computer Crashing
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Computer shuts down unexpectedly
  • Overheating


If your laptops battery does not seem to be holding a charge the culprit may be a defective DC Jack.  This happens very often with everyday usage of our laptops.  Warning signs that you may have a DC Jack Repair issue may be:

  •  Laptop will not turn on
  •  Charge light turns off
  •  Plug feels loose
  •  Computer has sparks or is smoking

The jack is sometimes soldered to the motherboard therefore this computer repair only should only be completed by a qualified computer technician.  This is one of the most common repairs that comes into our office.


Much like our cars one of the main things that can cause damage is overheating.  It is vitally important to our computers both PC and Mac and their stability to remain cool.  As the fans inside your computer do have moving parts; they will periodically go bad and need to be replaced.  Signs that you might need to replace the fan on your computer are:

  •  The computer fan is excessively loud
  •  The fan is making squealing or grinding noises
  •  Computer is overheating
  •  Getting error messages related to the computer fan


We all know that Windows 8 was out least favorite operating system ever.  EVER. Windows 10 is quite an improvement from 8 but there are periodic issues.  If you run into an issue with your computer after a Windows 10 update, call our office we can help.  Issues can range from an update getting “stuck” on your computer, printing, slowness, etc.  We work with Windows 10 software and hardware issues often and will get you back to work in no time. Microsoft releases massive updates for Windows 10 twice a year.  These updates are called the Creators Updates.  Many times you will find that the Windows 10 Creators Update has created problems for you.  Some of the issues that might signify you have a Windows 10 installation problem might be:

  • Your Windows 10 Update won’t download at all.
  • It downloaded, but now it seems like it is stuck
  • After the update, Windows won’t shut down
  • You are getting Windows Defender error message
  • Your Mouse or Microphone Stops Working
  • You have a black screen


Often we run into clients that think they need a new computer when a simple, affordable computer upgrade can improve the performance issues at a fraction of the price of a new PC.  Areas we can help are:

  •   Hard Drive Replacement
  •   Upgrading Hard Drive to SSD- if you want turbo speed on your computer; this is how you get there!
  •   Network Cards
  •   Video Cards
  •   Operating System or Software Upgrades


If you are having trouble opening or closing your laptop you may be experiencing a situation where the laptop hinges have been damaged.  This can occur through dropping the laptop or it can occur through use.  How many times a day are you opening and closing the lid to your laptop? Once it becomes difficult to open or close the lid of your laptop use extreme caution.  Damage has already occurred every time you open or close the lid it will add additional stress to the hinge. This is a computer repair that should be completed sooner rather than later.

If you are in need of a touch screen repair those can be a little more expensive and labor intensive to do.  The initial hinge breakage may have caused a crack in the touch screen that you or we may not be able to see.  It is extremely important to get these repaired as quickly as possible to minimize that chance of the screen damage spreading. Although that is not always possible.

This is one area we are unable to give you a quote over the phone.  For this type of repair our technician needs to look at the laptop.  Sometimes is it in fact the hinge that has broken but in other instances the hinge is screwed into the lid or plastic base and the breakage may have occurred there.  A full diagnostic will tell us exactly what needs to be done and if it is cost effective to do so.


There are many factors that could result in a slow running computer or laptop.  Age, is not one of them.  It if not typical for a computer to be slow just as a result of the age of that computer.  In our experience a slow running computer can be caused by:

  •   Computer Viruses
  •   Not Enough Memory
  •   Insufficient Space on the Hard Drive
  •   Old Operating System such as Windows XP or Vista
  •   Dust.  Desktops become extremely dirty internally and should be taken apart and cleaned at least once a year.


If you have a computer or hard drive that has crashed whether it is a recent occurrence or from a computer years ago we can help.  Our technicians have over 30 years of experience; and we have a 95% success rate with hard drives brought into our shop that have not experienced a mechanical failure.