Laptop Repair Service Kenya

-Broken Screen Replacement
-Water Damage repair
-Keyboard / Battery / Charger replacement
-Software troubleshooting
-Motherboard repair
-Original accessories

Notebook  laptop Repairs

In the event that you Notepad neglects to turn on, your battery neglects to charge or your remote web connector quits working then you may require our journal settle benefit.

When do you need your laptop or Desktop PC to be upgraded, checked up or maintain?
1. When your processor is less capable for what you need?
2. When booting up your PC seems like it will take forever?
3. If opening your apps is like waiting for the blue moon to show up?
4. If opening more than 1 app makes it slower and the browser is not yet included.
5. Or for some unknown reasons your PC is slowing down than it used to be?
6. If your RAM is only 2GB to 4GB.
Okay so what are the services that you need to prevent and resolve these issues of your Laptop/Desktop PC’s?
1. Have it “CHECK UP” every 3-6 months, by this way you will know what are the services that you you need for your Desktop/Laptop. And this will give you 90% chance of preventing it from threats and physical damages.
2. SSD and RAM “UPGRADE” (you can check the rates on our page at the services section)
This will help you to boost up your Laptop/Desktop performance.
3. “MAINTAIN” (Cleaning + Check up) Book us for a schedule just simply message us here on our page. maintaining is really a good thing for PC.