Do you have a problem with your ASUS Laptop? Is it overheating or running slowly? We offer a range of Nairobi computer repair services including ASUS Laptop repairs and upgrades.


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Assist work with a range of ASUS desktop and laptop models including the ASUS ZenBook, Transformer Book, ASUS ROG (Republic Of Gamers), Chromebook, E Series and F Series Notebooks.

Before you consider purchasing a new laptop get in touch with the experts at brimmatch. ASUS laptop repairs could be a fraction of the cost, saving you money and time setting up a new computer.

Using our ASUS laptop repair services is easy! Just get in touch and we can come to you or provide remote brimatech. Our extensive knowledge of ASUS technology means we can provide a fast effective service for private and business customers

ASUS Laptop Display & LCD Replacement

The ASUS Laptop screen replacement service is needed if you need an ASUS Laptop screen repair. We are able to fix all broken ASUS Laptop screens even if they are in pretty bad shape. We are able to remove the screen and replace it with another one built by an OEM manufacturer.

Once the screen is replaced your ASUS Laptop screen will look and function exactly like the day you bought it.

ASUS Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Is your ASUS Laptop’s keyboard not working properly? Is it missing keys or are certain keys not responding when you type? You might just need to replace the whole keyboard assembly.

We can replace the keyboards on any type of ASUS Laptop. Just bring it in and we will give you a quote.